The last few years, creative industry of Mexico demonstrated that the famous “We are in Mexico, that does not happen here” or “Mexico is not ready for this change” are ideas completely outdated. This year, the challenge is bigger.

In 2018, we are expecting transcendental events in various level: social, cultural and political, for which we have been preparing.

Starting from our belief that creatives industries are the breaking point in the change that we want to see in the country, we have approached their actors, in a systematic way, in depth and taking into account the diversity of their expressions, to understand the movement that are happening.


Design / Architecture

2018, year which celebrates the nomination of the World Design Capital is present with activities and events starting on March and ending on October (month of design for excellence).

It’s also the opportunity to inquire about the city and the coexistence that is generated, as well as opportunity that may arise for the creative community which will have the eyes of the all world on Mexico and its talents.

Collaboration will have to be the new currency in this sector to add, and make a single front that demonstrates the national talent from the architecture, design (in its all facets) and the city.

  • On architecture, social housing will also be relevant to projects that foster new dynamics of coexistence in neglected areas and recovery of public spaces.
  • Design will give priority on social projects answering our cities and inhabitant needs.
  • More than products and services, main characters will be technology and education as new form of interaction and communication.
  • Designers and managers will have to rethink the definition they have about all the different design practices. We are going to see new practices and new definitions.




This industry is most of the time judged as inhuman, ordinary and , speaking especially for our country, unnecessarily. This year, we will tackle fashion in México from 3 axes:

  • Recognizing it as an important branch of design: its creation involves a strong creative process close from the expression of individual and collective identity.
  • A profitable industry with the possibility to raise a more ethical system of production.
  • Urban trend with a strong social impact and a great promoter of change.

We will pay great attention to the way in which fashion is approached in WDC, we will see what  the new Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has to offer or if it stayed in a comfort zone and above all we will approach the fashion creators to know how we can promote the responsible growth of this industry.



 This year is complicated and full of uncertainty in political and economic areas. This year we will have to vote for the new president of the Republic, there will also be elections in the city of Mexico and also in other states of the country to choose governors, deputy and senator.

Thinking of some characters and projects as Pedro Kumamoto and Wikipolitic, we will be witnesses and participants in a new wave of politics made up of citizens who are determined to make “country” and “city” in a new way.

With a vast offer of communication, the opportunity comes to keep us informed and forms a criterion in this regards, but what will happen to culture? What propositions for this sector? Significant dates and events will be in the sights as the reconstruction of the city of Mexico and states affected by  September earthquakes, as well as the 50th anniversary of an event that marked the country forever: Mexico 68.

The necessity to inform us is more latent and we demand the government we deserve, one that is up the needs we have as citizens and that drives the country for better development.



 We think this year will be the one of construction and redefinition of a lot of paradigm. How is the government we want? What should be the role of creative industries in the city of Mexico? What should be the dialog between both parts?



*This notice was made in collaboration with Abigail Quesnel, Cristina Cruz, Lorena Canales, María Nájera.

  • TRANSLATION: Jennifer Grosvalet

Fecha de Publicación:
January 11th, 2018