Anti Fine is a restaurant that opened during the pandemic with the challenge of positioning and establishing itself as one of the favorites of Roma Norte. The peculiarity of this culinary spot is the fact that it brings a different experience for guests since it seeks to generate food enjoyment from a different point of view: Eat whatever you want, any time you want.

Chef Alfredo González made the decision of leaving formalities and seriousness aside, a characteristic feature of fine dining. But without limiting the label of “ good eating” with tiny dishes and sophisticated culinary pretentiousness, Anti Fine seeks to honor the “ Made in Mexico” with authentic recipes. That way Anti Fine’s concept is created as a subtle satire. Or as Chef Alfredo said, “ the food that doesn’t require good manners to be enjoyed”.

Once you get to your table you are welcomed with an appetizer of grasshopper and lime-based pasta to open your palette plated in a broken platter. After that, we tried the jicama tiradito with scallops and green harissa aguachile for warming up. Another of our favorites to share on the table is Vuelve with blue shrimp, octopus, poison, and avocado.

And to finish, a fake hibiscus churro where the flower is dehydrated without oil to clean the palette before the dessert, a tres leches cake with tarragon, coconut milk, seasonal fruit, and sake with a sweet touch that doesn’t pall and leaves you wishing you had more space to have seconds. 

Although from the menu, the favorite dish for guests is the Ex Suegra, escamoles chileatole, corn, and bean puree; you can also find short rib, chamorro, bone marrow, beef tongue, and octopus with the intention of maximizing the flavor of various ingredients both international and national. To define its type of cuisine would be hard, but not its flavor, while achieving a balance between flavors, textures, and moments. And we couldn’t say it is Mexican gastronomy since some of the recipes come from experimenting and learning from many places. Alfredo started his journey as a cook in Cosme NY, visiting kitchens in restaurants like Aponiente in Spain, Mexique in Chicago; and finally Pujol and Quintonil, in Mexico City.

Inside Anti Fine you’ll find  1985, a speakeasy with good music, cocktails by Nicanora Tomás, and a chill environment; the ideal place for pre-drinks or keep the party going after dinner in the restaurant. In the twilight of the bar illustrations from Triana Parera stand out. All this in a beautiful and wide house that allows private dinners with friends for special occasions or illuminated areas for work meetings or family afternoons.


Mondays: Closed

Tuesday to Saturday : 13:30 p.m. – 00:00 a.m.

Sunday : 13:30 p.m. – 18:00 p.m.

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    • LOCATION. Orizaba 76, Roma Norte
  • PHOTOS: Paul Bárcena

  • TEXT: Eyre Stivalet

  • TRANSLATION: Brenda Turral

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