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Maestras Artesanas

Maestras Artesanas is a design and interior decoration brand inspired by Mexican textile richness. They are also a social project of innovation, conservation, and knowledge exchange between Cooperativa Jolom Mayaetik and the textile designer Sarah Hamui. The sale of her products contributes to a supportive economic network that improves the quality of life of the Maestras Artesanas and their families.

The products are handmade by talented artisans from Chiapas, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Michoacán, Yucatán, and Estado de México. They specialize in creative weaving, embroidery, basketry, textiles, and clay techniques. All the collections incorporate products from these different communities into one design proposal. 

Visit them in  Benito Juárez 2D, San Ángel Álvaro Obregón, CDMX; or their new store located in Seminario 12 in Mexico City’s downtown.

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Lo Esencial

Lo Esencial is a brand of nomad utilitarian objects, which arises under the premise of the designer Adolfo Navarro of creating simple, iconic, and timeless objects: made with durable materials, that could be used daily. Seeking for objects to be seen as more than just accessories since they are full of stories, emotions, and details.

To speak about design in an object is not only referring to the typical one that is acquired to stand still in a room but to achieve better objects to take daily in our pockets; simple objects, used daily in a better way. Truly transcendent objects.

The space of Lo Esencial is located in Morelos #1760, in the neighborhood Americana in Guadalajara; a space to try, use, and personalize every object of the brand.

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Oficios is a business founded by Miriam Villaseñor in 2018 that produces expositions, auctions, and special sales of art, folk art, and design, Oficio’s projects support the living heritage (the people) and the non-living heritage (their work). In the physical store, they expose about one word (e.g. color, earth, metal, air) products from México and Latin America to dialogue about it and therefore show a catalog speaking about the actual lifestyle seen from the culture of the participating countries. Every selection lasts 4 months in the store.

The store and its selection- which changes every 4 months- are in charge of Christian Ibarra, Badi Zárate, and Miriam Villaseñor and it is located in Casa Mucha in the neighborhood of Santa Teresita, in the heart of Guadalajara City.

María Ponce + Juan Loyo – A Mano

Couturier María Ponce and the designer Juan Loyo opened their boutique of homonim brands in Mexico City’s Downtown. This sale space invites visiting people to meet firsthand the designs and quality of their products.

Besides Pret-a porter goods both brands have a TAILOR-MADE service on Leather goods ( with the option of customizing them with art painted by hand) personalized leather tailoring and hand-painted silk, high couture attire, editorial, brides, and the development of exclusive goods.

The boutique is located in Mexico City’s Downtown in Local 29 of Barrio Alameda on Dr. Mora 9 street.

Book an appointment with María or Juan through their social media.

We wanted to place ourselves in the heart of this Megapolis, where different energies converge and the vertiginous movement of the city becomes a symphony full of vital energy.

Apotheca Botanica

Apotheca Botanica, by Matzuko Nishijima and Olympia Frangos, born more than 10 years ago with the idea of having a store that would provide design to florists. The project started as an online store until they finally decided to open a physical store. 

The concept focuses on curing pieces of every kind to enhance events as well as houses. The ceramic and the candles (with more than 100 colors) are the main elements that started to form the brand, later joining the plants and wooden pieces. You could also find work clothes, dried flowers, scissors, etc.

The ceramic bases are made at high temperatures and are inspired by 2 collections; the classic line, traditional, and another with lines and modern and clean shapes.

Apotheca is found in Lucerna 62. Juárez, CDMX.


Sioux is a concept store that cures and selects brands, products, and projects based on sustainability, fair trade, quality, and design. In the space, they have artistic residencies, inspired by fashion and art. They also recollect clothes to donate to non-profits that help women in occupational reinsertion or that have suffered violence; they give workshops and conferences focused on a more conscious fashion. 

The shopping experience is guided through styling as well as a quest to preserve quality pieces to be a basic part of a wardrobe. A space of creative interaction, with quest and input on the growth of the fashion industry in Mexico.

Sioux Boutique located in Laguna, Dr Erazo 172, Doctores, CDMX.

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Moda In Casa

Founded by Louis Poiré in 1979, Moda in Casa was born to create furniture collections of international level, designed with great flexibility to adapt to different lifestyles and environments. Dedicated to design, not only the design of the object but the whole system of production, service, and sale.

We are true believers in timeless design, the quality of all our products, and the perfect balance between the process of advanced technology and handmade processes.

Their new showroom is located in Las Lomas with a new collection. Visit it on Monte Everest 635, second floor, Lomas de Chapultepec VI Secc, CDMX.


Nuush exists to give the best Mexican designers a platform to promote their work, having as perspective international references of the national creative. Its name is the translation to Spanish from Maya “nuuch”: Union. The union that adds matter, creation, and tradition.

The catalog of pieces must follow some criteria aligned with the promotion of Mexican design and its production processes. The products are created by different brands, designers, or Mexican producers that are part of a creative wave coming from the design ecosystem of this country. These brands join forces through NUUSH to enhance their promotion and marketing possibilities to reach other audiences.

Visit the store in Av. Altavista 58, San Ángel, CDMX. Get to know more in

Hermanos Koumori

Hermanos Koumori is a brand that tells stories through its clothes, art, graphic design, literature, and creation of objects. Their interest goes from science fiction to prehispanic cultures, the youth movements, and the diversity of human experience, everything that gives form to their fictional universe. In summary: they move by curiosity.

Shop online. Visit the store in Laguna Dr. Erazo 172, CDMX.

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