The flavors and peace of Oxacan beaches in this relaxing shelter in Zicatela

Opened earlier this year,  Casa Joseph is a sumptuous hotel located on Zicatela Beach, in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca; on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Not only does it aim to be a place of quiet and serenity for its guests and passing visitors, but it also seeks to be a gastronomic space for both foreigners and locals through Joi, the restaurant inside the hotel where Mexican food is the star of the show.

Casa Joseph

It has 18 ocean-view suites, some with private pools, and all are built and equipped with local products. Also, a few meters away is the private villa with a capacity for six people; with two rooms, a pool, a palapa, and a personal chef who mixes traditional cuisine with international dishes.

Activities such as yoga sessions, surf classes, horseback riding, a spa (in which outdoor massages stand out), mezcal tasting, ATV and bicycle rides, and nights of live music; are part of the amenities that the hotel offers.

With the day pass, you can enjoy a day at the hotel beach and have access to activities.


Joi is the restaurant where you can find suitable dishes for every hour of the day, making it one of the hotspots in the area, where you can go whether you are a guest or not.

In the breakfasts, which are also included with the lodging, you can find açai bowls, avocado or salmon toasts, chilaquiles, French toast, or their famous Benedictine eggs, among others. In the afternoon, something fresh from their tostadas and ceviche bar, or a hamburger, fish & chips, pork belly tacos, long-cooked brisket, or Baja-style battered shrimp. And at night, Joi presents regional dishes with unique touches, such as beef tongue barbecue sopes, pumpkin soup with tlayuda, black octopus with huitlacoche sauce, or pork belly with coloradito mole; all accompanied by classic or designer cocktails. And for dessert, tejate pie with berry ice cream, among others.


With the day pass, you can enjoy a day at the hotel beach and have access to all the activities of Casa Joseph as well as taste the flavors of Oaxaca in Joi.


  • TEXT: Erika Malo

  • TRANSLATION: Brenda Turral

  • PHOTOS: Courtesy

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