Magda is a restaurant in the San Ángel neighborhood that shows the river’s magic through gastronomy. It is based in a place full of tales and legends; one which inspired chef Mario Espinosa and the industrial designer Ricardo Casas, to create this Mexican gastronomic proposal with perfectly selected contemporary furniture and lamps.

Mario and Ricardo achieved the perfect combination of design and gastronomy in an ancient construction of the 19th century, which keeps its double-height ceilings and its brick walls in a traditional neighborhood of Mexico City.

The garden in which it is located was part of the orchard of fruit and olive trees of the Convento del Carmen more than 400 years ago. The passage of the Magdalena´s River was the main reason for prosperity and beauty; inspired by this part of the story Magda is born. 

Taking water as the starting point, the development of a great proposal begins, from fresh vegetables, oysters, duck, lamb, and fruit; Mexico once again becomes a tour of unique flavors.

Magda, gastronomy and decor

Thanks to chef Mario with 23 years of experience wild cuisine becomes the main focus. He presents a fixed menu with some specialties and without a doubt, it is a great place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We had the chance to try out some dishes and cocktails that we will recommend to you: we started with a gin & tonic with a slice of lemon, ginger, and peppermint; and another more traditional one with some lemon and natural syrup decorated with a flower and blackberries.

As the first course, we had tuna ceviche with pistachios and blue corn tostadas. For the second course, we had confited suadero tacos with chimalistac salsa, which by the way is an original salsa from San Ángel.

As a third course, we had pork ribeye with lentil soup, buttered kale, and potato gratin cake. To finish, some grilled peaches with sour cream and peach sorbet.

Taking as starting point the river and its flow, chef Espinoza opted for dishes that could be created with the ingredients found around the river.

On the other hand, thanks to Ricardo the decoration and the place itself is unique, he integrated the elements that stood out in the restaurant like the seats in the garden and the interior; a joyful color palette featuring indigo blue and pinks complement the peculiar lamps and metallic decorations achieving an exclusive and matchless atmosphere.

The art, the architecture, the cuisine, the Mexican techniques, and even the crockery of the place, are inspired by the Riviera, creating a sophisticated and pleasant experience.

Magda is located in the iconic San Ángel neighborhood: Del Carmen 4, San Ángel, Álvaro Obregón

  • TEXT: Eyre Stivalet

  • INTERVIEW: Emilia Acevedo

  • PHOTOS: Jaime Navarro

  • TRANSLATION: Brenda Turral

Fecha de Publicación:
Tuesday 28/02/2023