A while ago, jewelry had an identity and a specific concept, that had to meet certain characteristics to be considered a “jewel”. Nowadays, jewelry helps not only to enhance the human body but to play with our creativity and explore materials.

It is now part of a more relaxed perspective where it does not necessarily need to meet certain ornament standards. Among a diversity of colors, shapes, designs, and sizes, next, we present you some local brands that innovate in every jewel. 

ODIC – Objetos de Interés Corporal ( Objects of Corporal Interest)

Throughout objects created specifically for the body, odic challenges the canons of beauty to discover how our species will express themselves in a not-too-distant future.

Constantly questioning what role a brand must play in the contemporary era, they try to build an innovative strategy that is not only about the product, but the whole experience their customers receive. 

Get to know all the objects and buy online here odiclab.com

Aretes Raros

Aretes Raros is a continuous series of sculptures thought of as hanging pieces in ears that symbolize their carriers as autonomous museums. They are formed by found objects and cured in a way that none were purchased or had monetary value before becoming part of each piece.

The Aretes Raros could be thought of as shared murmurs among a community or could also be scarecrows in defense of uncertainty.

The Aretes Raros dangle.

Find more in @aretesraros


Aim is a creative studio by Alisson Aleka, where its primary focus is jewelry . It seeks to create statement pieces that’ll give a glow up to every person who carries the pieces, by giving them more confidence and style.

The general purpose is to create different products throughout time, all of them under the same concept and different styles. “ My biggest motivation to keep on creating is that people like my pieces. My passion is creating and I want the project to continue to transform into multiple products that are useful and that embellish from an outfit to a space in our homes.”

 I get inspiration from the combination of soft & cute pieces, with the radical, modern, and rude; I think we all have both and I like mixing them into a product.

Alisson Aleka

Find more about her brand and jewelry on aimdsgn.com

Jacobo y María Ángeles

The jewelry brand of Jacobo y María Ángeles workshop is a contemporary proposal from the small town of San Martín Tilcajate, Oaxaca. The purpose is to reinvent the accessory concept and its use by the user, creating a unique experience that distinguishes them.

The jewelry area of the workshop was consolidated in 2017. Back then, the applied technique was the jewelry assembly; progressively implementing methods like laminate, threading, bezel, and repoussé of silver. Three years after, the process of silver carving is perfected. And in 2021 techniques of lost wax and ceramic casting were implemented, being this last just a production tool, since all the pieces are carved and polished by hand still.

Among their collections, we found Plaga; a series of more than 400 bugs carved in wood with handmade silver applications. And Calendario; where they innovated in pieces that complemented their artistic and cultural approach on their production of wooden carved pieces. 

Their collections, experiences, and store are found in jacoboymariaangeles.com


Ch’ularte is a jewelry brand born in a small workshop and design studio, located in Tecámac, Edo. de México. What’s special about this jewelry is the combination of techniques and materials; they work with the technique of “vitrofusion”, which consists in melting two or more layers of glass in 800 degrees centigrade temperatures to create a uniform jewel, with unique colors and textures.

Each piece is complemented with traditional jewelry techniques in silver, without molds, completely handmade, one by one. 

Kinar Joyería

Mexico is one of the main plastic consumers in the world; it is estimated that one person consumes up to 200 plastic caps per year and the total population discards closely 780 thousand tons of plastic per year, recycling around 20% of every plastic waste.

Kinar Joyería is a social entrepreneurship of sustainable jewelry, 100% Mexican, innovative, and handcrafted. Its focus is to create awareness of the negative impact generated by plastic, offering innovative products. All the pieces are one of a kind, made with plastic caps and craft silver .925, long lasting, stainless, and accessible.

Beka Joyería

BEKA Joyería is a handmade brand seeking to combine fun, elegant, and contemporary elements in their designs. Using a variety of materials, mainly focusing on .925 silver, precious and semi-precious stones, with the aim of creating timeless pieces. 

Get to know more and buy online, here.

Boogie Rings

Eating a dessert, being with the family, having the perfect breakfast, going shopping, going out with friends, going to an elegant nightclub for cocktails and electro-indie; that is Boogie: the mellifluous and fun of life, made jewelry.

Boogie is a handmade carved accessory brand. Its unique colors and crystals make them combinable and fit in any environment.

Renata Carrera, the brand creator tells that Boogie was born almost two years ago from the necessity of creating fun and colorful accessories for personal use that would highlight her personality. Seeing that they were praised by her closest circle, she then decided to take out the brand.

Find them in OHMM STORE and get to know more on @boogie_rings

BIZZARRO – Take me with you

Through giving a gift we materialize a union, as well as the connection between two people. From this idea, BIZZARRO jewelry decided to create a special collection for February 14th, one that could capture all the intimacy that exists between two souls that have a friendly or romantic bond. In Llévame contigo, the essence of the purest love has been taken, taking it to the physical plane through 5 Rose Gold heart charms, that are also decorated with diamond incrustations. All the materials of the gems make reference to the indestructibility of the feeling.

the charms can fit a friendship bracelet, a dog collar, or a promise ring.

See the collection and buy online, here.

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