Ramen & Bar by MADAI is found in the heart of the Cuauhtémoc neighborhood. A small space that allows you to enjoy their dishes in a petit area still peaceful and relaxed. One of the main dishes on the menu is Ramen, a favorite of ours; although this place shows us that the culinary Japanese tradition with a Mexican touch makes the perfect match.

The word ramen comes from “ra” which stands for “stretch “ and “men” which stands for “noodle”, the fusion of two chinese characters; the story goes back to China and talks about a cultural mix. Especially when it came to Mexico and now with a ton of reinterpretations and adjustments of the place where it´s being eaten.

In the case of Ramen&Bar, its dish has different proteins, seaweeds, and vegetables. The majority of the ingredients come from Japan, which provides a mindful experience from its elaboration and treatment of ingredients. The menu could vary since it’s adapted to seasonal ingredients. You can ask for the Tan Tan Ramen, if you wish for something more traditional and light, contrary to the Miso Spicy Ramen or the Curry Ramen which spice gives a special nature to this famous dish. They also have vegetarian options such as Kinoko Ramen and Veggie Ramen.

What this approach offers is to give this type of dish a Mexican touch like spice; besides the other options on the menu like BBQ wings, our favorites and highly recommended for their juiciness and perfectly cooked standard.

Regarding their offer on cocktails, it is diverse and precise where you can find house drinks with mezcal and other spirits. A great option to enjoy a casual afternoon or night with friends. On the other hand, they also have a chicken Karague dish and Kamayaki.

You can´t miss out on the bartenders’ recommendations on Sake and beer to elevate the flavors of the dishes you´ve chosen. Chef Federico who’s in charge of the kitchen with a creative approach for each dish to have a perfect balance.

Monday to Saturday: 13:00 to 22:30

Sundays: 13:00 a 18:00

Located in Rio Lerma #162, Col. Cuauhtémoc

  • TEXTO: Eyre Stivalet

  • TRANSLATION: Brenda Turral

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