According to Boston Consulting Group, only 13% of Web3 startups, based on blockchain, are founded by a woman. Moreover, companies founded exclusively by men, which correspond to 77%, get 4 times more capital investment. Despite this panorama, Acmé is the first generative NFT project led by Mexican women.

Acmé is a collection of 10,000 pieces of digital art based on characters called Ethereals. These are female deities that inhabit earthly and enigmatic spaces. Their goal is to stimulate emotional introspection to find a path toward maximum splendor.

The algorithm of this project combines more than a thousand traits such as skin type, hair, clothing, etc. In addition, some pieces have digital representations of garments created by Mexican fashion designers such as Steph Orozco, DaWearhouse, and Tarantella.

The Discord channel of this project led by Violeta Hernández and Gabriela Salinas is active since March 29, so those interested can already join to get a special price.

Acmé’s NFT’s and its pioneers

As the first project of this kind in Mexico, Acmé swims against the current to try to change the statistics. Founders Violeta Hernández and Gabriela Salinas are two renowned designers from Monterrey, Mexico. The artists teamed up to create and launch the first women-led generative NFT project in the country.

Violeta’s work has been exhibited in art galleries in Mexico City, Los Angeles, Barcelona, France, and London. She has also collaborated with brands such as Adidas, Apple Music, and Tous. Her work consists of emotive elements inspired by a constant introspective dialogue about women.

Meanwhile, Gabriela has organized both online and in-person conferences, which have been attended by more than 600 people. She currently leads the strategic design area at Bitso, a cryptocurrency startup. She also co-founded and directed Service Design Mexico and Frontstage Conference, the first service design conference in Latin America.

The project integrates Latina women with fashion, art, and design collaborations in order to create the Ethereals. These characters seek to highlight vulnerability and imperfection as essential qualities for development. They also promote the pursuit of balance through self-acceptance, love, and awareness of our darker side.

Acmé promotes exercises such as introspection for self-awareness and the search for well-being, intangible concepts that when put into practice detonate a lot of emotions that we could only categorize as undefined, sublime, ethereal.

Acmé’s Team

Violeta and Gabriela felt attracted to generative art because of projects such as Crypto Coven, which is also led by women. Furthermore, they decided to use this technique to offer a new proposal at a graphic and conceptual level for women, as they specify that most projects of this kind are by and for men.

Why do I want an Ácme NFT for?

By purchasing an Acmé NFT you get a digital artwork created by emerging artists. It will also be the access pass to private events, limited edition products, and upcoming artwork in collaboration with international artists.

Acmé aims to create a community focused on physical, mental, and emotional wellness, especially for women. To accomplish this goal, the previously mentioned events will be panel discussions, workshops, and training sessions.

But the story doesn’t stop here, as the heads of this project, Violeta and Gabriela, have agreed to donate a percentage of the profits to organizations that support these causes in Mexico.

Opening Paths

Barbara Gonzalez Briseño, CEO of Bitso in Mexico, an influential voice in this sector, emphasizes the pioneering precedent that Acmé is building.

Projects like Acmé help us unite art and technology, providing a platform for diversity in the future we are building. This project is not only an exhibition of the multifaceted woman but also the pursuit of a community that aims to empower women and have a real impact on society.

Bárbara González Briseño,  Bitso México’s CEO

Although women are gradually incorporating themselves into the NFT world, there are not enough women. Thanks to the experience that Acmé’s founders have in this field, they can affirm that Mexican projects led by women are scarce. However, they highlight the work of Hola Lou, Nasty Infinity, and Anannfts.

According to the team of this initiative and its mapping in this field, Acmé is the project with the most extensive collection. At the same time, they invite us to contemplate NFT’s as something that will progressively impact our daily lives.

In the end, NFT’s and generative art are a tool, it will be up to the artist to create something interesting or not, but ultimately it is worth analyzing new platforms and studying them. After all, art feeds on that, curiosity, exploration, and experimentation, that’s how trends have emerged in the world of graphics, music, and other disciplines over the years.

Acmé’s Team

  • TEXT: María Fernanda Carmona


  • TRANSLATION: Brenda Turral González


  • PHOTOS: Courtesy Julio Bohórquez & Acmé


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