Over 20 years ago, the executive chef and founder of La Trattoria, Rodrigue Seels; arrived in Mexico in the pursuit of opening his own restaurants after operating cooking schools in France. At the end of 2017, he creates Grupo Trattoria. He later decides to open two other branches: La Trattoria No.2 and La Trattoria No.3, the second one located inside Plaza Catorce at Av. de la Paz 14-Local 3, San Ángel, CDMX.

The Place 

For each Trattoria, the design is different according to the space in which it is located. For La Trattoria No.3, designer América Márquez wanted to make it more open and Mediterranean; preserving the original structure of this old house in the colonial neighborhood of San Ángel.

Every Trattoria operates under the same concept, that the restaurant is small to be close to the service and maintain sight of the quality of the product.


The dishes on the menu are 80% Italian and 20% French. Among them you will find escargots a la bourguignonne (snails with butter and parsley); cheese and cold meat platters; crostinis such as Brie cheese and caramelized apples with tomato on country bread; mussels in white wine accompanied by French fries; risottos such as Gorgonzola cheese; and kinds of pasta such as “Pasta a la Rueda” with cream, Parmesan cheese, truffle oil, and prosciutto; and spaghetti al pesto with pine nuts, olive oil, and basil.

The main courses include artisan pizza. From the classic pepperoni, Hawaiian, Margherita, and four formaggi, to more elaborate ones such as the frutti di mare, the Portofino with artichoke heart, the funghi with sautéed mushrooms and garlic, and the Giovanni with anchovies, Brie cheese, and fried egg.

To finish, traditional Italian desserts such as fragile (natural meringue filled with whipped cream, mascarpone, and strawberries); torta de la nonna (hazelnut meringue filled with hazelnut cream and mascarpone); chocolate, vanilla, or macadamia nut gelato; Nutella crepes; and apple pie. Also some traditional French desserts such as profiteroles; fondue; crème brûlée; truffles; and tiramisu.


In addition to lunch and dinner, the Italian-French gastronomy served at La Trattoria No.3, can also be found through the classic breakfasts served every morning.

  • TEXT: Erika Malo


  • TRANSLATION: Brenda Turral


  • PHOTOS: Paulina Figueroa


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