Located in the center of Del Valle –Ángel Urraza 935– is Michi Sando, a restaurant that combines two of the 10 best cuisines in the world: Mexican and Japanese. The chef Andrés Gallegos and his partners – the three lovers of street food – decided to tropicalize the classic Japanese street food with ingredients from traditional Mexican cuisine.

The name

Michi means the way; and Sando is diminutive of sandiochi, which means sandwich; both words in Japanese. So it could be translated to ” the road of the Sandwich”, a proper name to describe this place.

In addition, the cat, (which colloquially in Mexico is called michi), is an animal very present in Japanese culture. One of the favorite positions of this feline is known as a loaf of bread, due to the way in which its legs are hidden under its body; so the image and character of Michi Sando is a cat that is found in various corners and details of the restaurant.

The place

Inside you can see a color palette that goes in two shades of blue for the walls and furniture, while in the bar and in the details, pastel green stands out. Outside, the wall is dark gray, highlighting the orange of the flag with the name of the restaurant. Estefania Araiza and her team designed everything.

The bar counter and tableware in clay were designed to contrast with the blue tones and add a touch of Mexican elements.


Within its menu are zensai (tickets); donburis (rice bowls); shirumono (soups); agemono (fries), such as Michi Fried chicken tenders smothered in sweet and sour chili and garlic sauce; and the Michi Fries, fried potato wedges with miso and rosemary, bathed in a cheese sauce with a side of sweet and sour pork belly and cheese from Chiapas.

The main dishes are sandos (sandwiches), all prepared with house shokupan; a fluffy Japanese milk bread. Some of these are the Karaage Sando, fried chicken thighs marinated in soy sauce with a side of coleslaw, homemade pickles and avocado, parsley, coriander and mint cream; Birria Sando, buffalo birria with cheese, with a side of pickled onions, parsley, cilantro and mint, and its broth to dip in; and the Seta Sando, tempura mushrooms with totomoxtle ash hummus and baby lettuce sautéed in hazelnut butter and macha sauce.

You can also ask for the sando of the month.

Both the sandos and the desserts tend to change within the menu, but currently among the latter are the Yuzu Cake, a cookie pie with creamy yuzu and flambéed meringue; Michi Churros, fried bread with sugar and cinnamon with homemade jam and mascarpone cheese cream; and Flan de Matcha, homemade flan with matcha with whipped cream, dulce de leche and Mexican peanut candy.

The nomimono (drinks) include aguas frescas such as flavored water, kombucha, and calpis; and alcoholic beverages such as beer, michelada, clamato, sake bombs, sake by the glass, and wine.


Month after month they collaborate with people and projects in the industry to make different types of sandwiches, among other things. This month of February and on the occasion of Valentine’s, they collaborate with Cardín; a cookie filled with dulce de leche in the shape of a Michi.

In addition to holding events on Saturdays with guest chefs; In the future, they plan to ally with a cat adoption foundation that may be present at the restaurant on a special day and thus encourage adoption among diners who visit Michi Sando.

    • TEXT: Erika Malo


    • PHOTOS: Vanessa Flores


    • TRANSLATION: Brenda Turral


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