In Mexico, there is two young studio, MACHINA Wearable Technology and  /*Pac Interactive, quality, creative and innovating references in South America.

MACHINA, a Mexican fashion brand based his philosophy on the belief that portable technology improves our life than alter, disconnect and distract us. /*Pac Interactive, an interactive, art, and new media studio based his offer on three fundamentals: interaction, form, and code.

Both team have joined forces to create a project called CHAOS. It will start at the beginning of 2018 and consists on the control of a lighting construction from /*Pac combined with MACHINA technology wearable.


Their work together began as a coincidence. MACHINA was looking for someone doing incredible and disruptive things in Mexico for a series of products with various groups to apply his midi-jacket technology.

We heard about /*Pac Interactive work and a common friend presented them. His work fit exactly with our midi-jacket project. Work chemistry appeared and in Pac, they are so cool and since the last years,  this evolved into a project more ambitious


Collaboration is divided into two parts. The first part is a physical installation in Digital Culture Center for all people interested in Mexico can interact and experiment the wearables from MACHINA. The second part is a mobile miniature piece which travels to the U.S with MACHINA team. The main goal is to show that a wearable can control different aspect.

Our technology is totally apart from the garment and uses communication protocols. If you have communication with the object, you can use it. With /*Pac we working on controlling light, we made others collaborations where we controlled audio and video. But to conclude, it depend on the utility for the user; you can make fly drones, transform your body as a controller of virtual reality o speak with Alexa (voice assistant from Amazon) etc..


CHAOS objective is that public understand the extensive control possibilities that exist. Using technology, as with a wearable you can control everyday thing and feel comfortable carrying it.

Both projects have a lot in common. We started experimenting with a jacket to see how does it work. What could we do? How does it work in another way? We joined our work: light and big installations and we asked ourselves: How can we control this? Does the interaction will still human? Or what can happen with the same body movement? At the end, we saw a human and natural tendency that we live every day.

/¨Pac Interactive

This technology and design mixed are not only installations. We are planning a workshop given by both studios at the beginning of 2018. We want to teach how to control lighting structure through wearable. A good opportunity to really understand Machina technology and /*Pac Interactive’s work. Be aware of social networks of both projects.

  • PHOTOS: Paola Félix

  • TRANSLATION: Jennifer Grosvalet

Fecha de Publicación:
Domingo 05/10 2017