Yesterday, the #HMLovesMadero campaign began making noise in networks, bringing with different points of view. In the end, everyone agrees on something. The greatest success and who gets all the applause and cheers of this production, is the team that gave life to this story: the photographers Dorian Ulises López and Alexis Rayas, the stylist Nayeli de Alba, the fashion designer Bárbara Sánchez-Kane, the models of Guerx and Pose Models Mx, the musician Camilo Lara of the Mexican Institute of Sound and all the team involved.

A group of Mexicans that we strongly admire thanks to their work help us to cure little by little the cultural wounds that continue to hurt us and do not stop emanating like: the rejection of everything that is local, be underestimated by our skin color or the fact that the Indian word is an offense, summarizing, not loving us as a country.

This campaign starts in a massive way, a cultural change born from fashion. A transformation that transcends physic. Not only helps us to recognize Mexican beauty diversity but also permeates us emotionally. Showing us in a specular way how good is to be us. A concrete measure like this one will calm the cultural pain of our sensitive society.

Each participant of #HMLovesMadero, have been able to ignore the prejudices that brake many people in Mexico, creating beauty from the chaos that surrounds us from our diversity and our eclectic everyday life, which is the creative change we need for the country.

However, #HMLovesMadero also generated us contradictory feelings. On one hand, obviously we celebrate and we are proud of all talents involved. We applause H&M for being the ways this succeed. On other hands, we can’t stop thinking about what happened on  September the 19th and the women who lose life in Bolivar 168. The situation of textile workers around the world isn’t human. We can’t and we mustn’t take out of our mind and heart textile workers. At the end, campaigns like this wouldn’t be possible without them.

  • PHOTOS: Cortesía

  • TRANSLATION: Jennifer Grosvalet

Fecha de Publicación:
Viernes 10/11 2017